Our Adarna and MIBF 2020 Book Haul

We’ve got the first half of the books that we ordered last November 24! In case you missed it, MIBF online is extended up to January 3, 2021. Go check out my previous post for more details about it.

Just to clarify, Adarna House, one of the long-time and well-loved publisher of Filipino children’s books in our country, is part of the current MIBF book fair as it was in the previous years. But, Adarna has been running its own online book fair prior to the launch of MIBF online. The reasons why I chose to order books from Adarna’s website are: 1. More books and detailed descriptions; and 2. Cheaper shipping cost. Best of all, our books from Adarna arrived earlier than the ones from MIBF. We purchased from both channels on November 24. We got our books from Adarna on November 28 via Entrego but the books from MIBF only came yesterday, December 3 via Ninja Van. The books that we have received yesterday were from National Bookstore and CSM Publishing. We’re still waiting for the ones that we ordered from Anvil and WSPPI, which will also be delivered by the same courier as the first batch. 

Without further ado, here are our book haul from Adarna House this year.

Adarna House 2020 Book Haul

  •  But That Won’t Make Me Sleep – Php80 – Written in English and Filipino
  • But That Won’t Wake Me Up – Php80 – Same author as the previous book, also written in English and Filipino
  • Ako Si Kaliwa, Ako Si Kanan – Php80 – written in Filipino and English, best read aloud by two people. This book teaches the concept of left and right, which according to Leonor Ercilla-Diaz, an early childhood educator and professor at the College of Education, UP Diliman, is not easy to learn as compared to the other positional terms that we teach our children. This book also tackles sibling rivalry as well as the joy of being with siblings. 
  • Tight Times – Php80 – Written in English and Filipino. This story is about how a family deals when faced with tight times and inculcates how less can be more. A very timely read for what is happening globally.
  • Magkulay Tayo ng Kuwento 1 (Alamat ng Ampalaya) – Php80 – A story and coloring book in one, written in Filipino and English 
  • Can We Live Without Trees? (A Book About Trees) – Php120 – A reference book written in English with the help of the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PTFCF). This book emphasizes the importance of trees to humans and other living things, illustrates the biologically diversity of the Philippines and teaches kids how to save our forests.

And now, on to our CSM haul. Each book from this vendor costs only Php100.

CSM. Publishing 2020 Book Haul

Books for my husband:

  • The Multiplication Challenge: A Strategy to Solve Your Leadership Shortage 
  • Do Less, Be More 
  • Work Worth Doing Well

Books for our children:

  • VeggieTales God Is with Me: 365 Daily Devos for Boys
  • VeggieTales 365 Bedtime Devos for Girls

Books for me:

  • Hope When It Hurts
  • Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your Soul

Here are the ones from National Book Store.

Justice League - Stuck on Stories

Finding Dory Busy Book

Hoping to get the books from Anvil and WSPPI soon! Will share about them, too.

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  1. Nice Haul! may toy pa❤️ibteractive!
    Will wait for the next haul.

    1. Thank you! We want our last haul to be here soon, too.

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