Our Very First Family Movie Date

November 27, 2015 marked our first ever family movie date 🙂 I believed that our boy is ready to watch movies on the big screen. We have chosen The Good Dinosaur, since he is fond of dinosaurs, as his first big screen treat. For his first time, we opted to watch at the Commercenter Alabang to make viewing as comfortable as possible for our little boy.

In the photo above, Louiji posed by the glistening Christmas trees at the activity center.

We got tickets for the last full show before having dinner at our favorite 24-hour Filipino restaurant, the Coco Hut.

Coco Hut - 27 Nov 2015

After enjoying a hearty meal, we crossed the street to go to McDonald’s. My husband and I enjoyed a warm cup of brewed coffee while our son munched on his fries and played with his new Happy Meal toy.

We got back at Commercenter 15 minutes before the screening time. When we got inside the theater, our little boy wouldn’t sit still and asked for ‘karga’. That was because an animated short film, with scenes that are a bit scary for his age, was on. While carrying him as we stood by the aisle, I whispered gently that those are only drawings with colorful lights on them. I kept explaining what we are seeing on screen for the first five minutes of The Good Dinosaur. He felt at ease and became comfortable with everything so we got back to our seats and enjoyed the movie. There was a time when he giggled and imitated the roaring sounds of the dinosaurs from the film 🙂

Louiji was up until the rolling credits

The latter part of the movie was around our toddler’s bedtime. There were instances when he asked for milkmilk and was about to get in breastfeeding position but he would sit up straight whenever he hears that the next scene would be exciting. I was expecting him to doze off at the end of the movie but he was wide awake up until the credits rolled in.

It was truly a delightful experience and another milestone for our family. I will forever treasure such moments where we spend quality time with each other and make wonderful memories together!