Thankful to be Spending More Time Outdoors

I am so thankful that we can do outdoor time a lot! So blessed that God has finally answered our prayer to move into a better house and community. For over a month already, my son has been able to ride his bike almost every day, play with other kids, run without the dangers of getting hit by a passing vehicle, and go for a swim.

It’s a good thing that there are plenty of trees and plants in our area which makes it conducive for going outdoors at any time of the day. On a not-so-hectic kind of day, the kids and I go out twice. We go biking in the small park before our lunch time while waiting for the rice to cook then we head out again to play with the other kids or go for a swim after my daughter’s afternoon nap. 

With such activities that we engage in and the variety of people that we meet on a daily basis, I have to make sure that we have a strong immune system. It’s December and it gets a bit cold and windy in the afternoon. Some days are erratic – rainy in the morning, then hot and humid in the afternoon. If I’m not careful, the kids will surely get sick. It’s a good thing that we’re taking our vitamins regularly. My son has been taking Nutri10 Plus since he was 2 (or 3) years old and I can say that it is helping him to eat healthy and boost his immune system. He has a great appetite for (mostly) healthy food and he is a constant snacker! He rarely gets sick. It is especially important to me since coughs and colds are common during this season. 

We were able to try DayZinc (Sodium Ascorbate, Ascorbic Acid,  Zinc) through a generous friend – capsules for me, syrup and chewables for my son, and drops for my toddler. My son loved the DayZinc chewables! I didn’t have to call him twice when it’s time to take his vitamins. Actually, after breakfast, he asks me if he can get one for the day 🙂 

And because I have seen the great benefits of giving Nutri10 Plus to my son since he was a toddler up until the present, I have decided to give the same to my one-year-old daughter.

Our friend gave us samples Nutri10 Plus drops for our little girl which is a good thing so I can let my little one try it before I buy the regular bottle. She’s still getting use to it and I’m really glad that she’s not spitting it out like what she used to do with a previous supplement. I just hope that she will benefit from taking Nutri10 Plus as much as he big brother did 🙂

If you’re looking for vitamin supplements for your toddlers and kids, and for your self as well, Nutri10 Plus and DayZinc are available in Mercury Drug, Generika and SouthStar branches in the following formulations:

Nutri10 Plus Syrup – Php195

Nutri10 Drops – Php135

DayZinc Chewables (box of 30’s) – Php180

DayZinc Capsules for adults (box of 30’s) – Php225

Dayzinc Drops – Php115

Dayzinc Syrup – Php130

For the appropriate dosage, it is best that you consult with your doctor first before purchasing these supplements. 

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