The KFC Breakfast Experience

Part of our Thursday habit is to have an early morning breakfast before we head off to our respective offices. After we have parked our car near my workplace, we would usually eat at McDo, my all-time favorite breakfast place. For a change, I suggested that we try out the KFC breakfast meals because they have tocino in their menu. You should have seen my husband’s face lit up!

Hubby quickly ordered the tocino meal with hashbrown and coffee. He always salivates at the sight of that glazed, almost caramelized pink meat. We rarely have it at home for health purposes. I settled with the chocolate chip pancakes and orange juice.

Whenever I eat out, be it at the nearby canteen, fastfood joint or fine dining restaurant, I always observe how my food was served. I value cleanliness and food presentation. When we got our order, I was dismayed that these simple criteria were not met.

Our food were served clean alright, but I didn’t like the way it was presented. Hubby’s tocino meal was crammed in a bowl that KFC usually use for their rice bowl meals. My pancakes were made to fit in their chicken meal styro. When I opened it, my pancakes smelled like scrambled eggs. Promise. The pancakes were sloppy pa. Glad they taste good. Bawi ang KFC dun ng konti.

Hope that KFC would find the time to repackage their breakfast meals. It would be pleasant to have your first meal of the day served neatly and nicely. They make the food so appetizing.