The Wonders of Organic Baby Wipes

I once wished of winning a shopping spree of baby wipes. It has not come true, yet. But, thanks to the Mommy Bloggers Philippines for allowing me to take part in the product review of the Organic Wipes that we get to have more than our usual stash of baby wipes!

Organic Baby Wipes

The Organic Baby Wipes are available in packs of 20, 30 and 80 sheets

If you’re a mom, you would know the importance of having disposable wipes on hand. Ever since I became a mommy, I have become so dependent on baby wipes for keeping my child clean. I use it to wipe my son’s bum after a nappy change. I use it to wipe his hands clean before eating when there is no chance to wash them with running water. When we’re out and about and he gets too sweaty, I use wipes for his face and body before changing his clothes. That’s how important wipes are in our life. We use it all the time.

Organic Baby Wipes in 20s

Brought Organic Baby Wipes on our day out to keep little hands clean

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to try out the Organic Baby Wipes. It is devoid of Paraben, Alcohol, Chlorine or any harsh chemicals that may harm my little one’s sensitive skin. It smells good, too. I took a sheet of the Organic Wipes and loved that it smells like a baby’s bath soap. The scent is not overwhelming which is good as it won’t trigger my allergic rhinitis. I tried using a brand of wipes which has the scent of a powder and I would sneeze each time I pull out a sheet. The Organic Wipes has cloth-like sheets that are soft to touch and ensures that only the gentlest material gets in contact with my son’s delicate skin. I have proven that it’s safe to use on the face and body as I have tried to use it on myself. When we were out for the weekend, I also used it to freshen up my little explorer. Thankfully, he did not develop a rash or any kind of skin irritation from it. And because we have more than enough of the Organic Wipes, we shared it with Granny, who has skin asthma, and Baby E, my eight-month old niece. They were both very satisfied with how skin-friendly this organically made product is.

Don’t just take my word for it. Go and try it for yourself and your little ones. The Organic Wipes are available at the following stores:

  • Makati Supermarket (Alabang)
  • Babyland (Festival Supermall, Eastwood, Shaw)
  • Babysteps (Festival Supermall)
  • Baby Zone (Fisher Mall)
  • Fisher Mall Department Store
  • Pioneer Center
  • Unimart

You may also order online at:

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