I have yet to finish my post on Louiji’s dedication preps. I’m still consolidating and re-sizing the photos. Meanwhile, here’s another reason that made our June oh so full. We’ve move to a bigger and better house that is just a block away from my parents’ house. How convenient is that? It’s another rented apartment but it has a lot of advantages over the one where we used to live in.

We believe that we are blessed and favored to have acquired/rented that house. One is that we were able to move in without paying outright the required two months advance, one month deposit rental fee. We just had to give the one month deposit to reserve the house and were told to just give the balance when we have finally moved in. That was three weeks apart. Also, the fee was lowered by a thousand pesos! God’s favor indeed! I believe that He spoke to the owners to grant us with much favor.

The house is not brand new. A family used to live in it for 3 years. That explains several repairs that the brother of the owner had to make. Despite that fact, the house still needs a few more tweaks, which I, my husband, and my father can do on our own. Nevertheless, the blessings that our new abode brings are aplenty. Let me count them:

A garage for our dear Levi. Our car now has a safe place to park on. Hubby need not worry about scratches, etc that passers by or vehicles that drive so close might cause. Also, he wouldn’t have to park the car in front of my parents’ house whenever another tenant needs a space. Added bonus: Hubby can now give Levi a bath in the comfort of our garage.

Our darling baby Louiji and I can enjoy our daily dose of sunshine in the terrace veranda. No more foul smell, soot and dust. No need to dodge passing cars and trikes. No need to chitchat with a neighbor early in the morning. It’s just me and my baby and he can now hear my nursery rhymes clearly. Sometimes, we ask his Daddy to tag along.

A spacious and airy sampayan. Now our clothes dry much faster! Our maong pants will no longer smell like kulob hihi.

Better ventilation. Our baby can now sleep comfortably using one electric fan at its lowest power. Before, we need to use two electric fans set in its coolest and yet, Louiji would wake up in the wee hours of the morning, sweating. That’s when my husband and I prayed fervently for a house with a better ventilation.

Space, space, space! We have enough space to entertain our visitors. Before, we would only invite five people and our place would look cramped already. They would be sweating despite having two of our electric fans set to the coolest. Now, they can lounge on our sofa, in the carpet or in our dining chairs. Using one electric fan is now enough, too.

Give us a couple of months and we’ll be settled in. There are still a few boxes that we need to sort, stuff we need to get rid of, and decors and simple alterations to make. Pinterest and Apartment Therapy have become our friends now. We get plenty of inspirations and quick solutions. We have the weekends to execute those. Hope to have a nice and perfect output 🙂