What It’s Like to Join an Obstacle Race Course Clinic

I signed up my son for the Kids Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Clinic facilitated by Coach Derick Urbano and his daughter, Jersey Urbano at Decathlon Alabang yesterday, November 10. It was a first for my kid to participate in a sports activity, and though it tested his stamina, we could tell that he had a good time. Even our little girl joined in during the briefing and warm-up exercises. My husband and I made the right decision to try this activity out. Both of our kids had fun! Check out the video below to get a glimpse of this amazing OCR training for kids.

Coach Derick, a Spartan race athlete was very good and patient with the kids. There were 8 kids in all, if my two-year old daughter would be counted, they were 9, and their ages range from 4 to 8 years old. They were very active that they were always moving around and running while Coach was preparing their course and in between their designated breaks. Coach Derick, together with his two children and his wife, made sure that the kids were able to understand and execute every exercise that involved in the course. Their family seem to have an endless supply of energy, patience, and most especially passion for this kind of sports and it showed in how they facilitated the OCR clinic, and engaged and motivated each of the participants. It was a pleasure for us as parents to have them train our kids, even for just a day.

My husband and I are not as physically fit as we are before but we have made a consensus to get back into fitness, be good examples to our kids in terms of wellness, and engage into sports as a family. This could be the start of it. We hope to find and join more physically engaging activities like Decathlon Alabang’s OCR clinic in the future.

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