When the Baby Gets Sick…

…the Mommy begins to panic! He was not sick with fever but he was not feeling well either.

Monday of last week, I took a half day off from work to be with my four-month old. After seeing the pictures which I asked my sister to take and send to me, I knew I had to rush home. The back of my baby’s ears were flaking again, but that time, they were red and itchy. The unbearable heat that day has caused my baby to sweat a lot. That too could have triggered the itch. He was so uncomfortable that he can’t even take a nap. My sister told me that he barely smiled, too. My parents had to turn on the AC so our baby could rest.


What’s a working Mommy got to do? It’s a no-brainer; off to my parents’ house I go! Even if it means commuting with a bulky ice box on a schizo weather. Never mind if I have to hurdle the hassle of the commute that lay ahead.

When I reached my parents’ house, I was not able to get near my baby right away, much less take a peek of him. I need to rest, eat and take a bath so I could spare him from the germs and pollutants that have clung on me on my way home. When I have finally settled in, I went inside the room where he was in and kissed him and stroke his head. I laid my hand on him and prayed for his healing and comfort. Then, I took him to my breast to feed him and after that I let him sleep over me. It’s his most comfortable and favorite sleeping position. I gazed him, hugged him and kissed him some more.

When my husband came home that night, we wiped the back of our baby’s ears with a wet cotton and a bit of Oilatum soap to alleviate the itch. Whenever our baby boy would scratch his ears, we would gently block his hands and rub the area around his ears with utmost care.

My husband left us to stay at my parents’ bedroom so our little one could sleep through the night without scratching his ears. We have poor ventilation from where we currently live and it won’t do any good for our baby at that time. I also asked permission from my boss to take a VL the following day to take my baby to the doctor.

The next day, our baby boy is smiling again! He barely scratches his ears. We still used Oilatum when we gave him a bath. I still took him to the pedia just to have him checked. Too bad, she was still out of the country when we got to her clinic. I was about to look for another doctor but when I checked the back of his ears right after the secretary weighed him in, his skin is already back to normal! My baby is healed! 🙂 To celebrate, we went to the mall to eat lunch with my family and enjoyed the AC minus the electric bill.

Our baby is well and he is happy again 🙂 I’m one relieved and happy Mommy, too! 🙂